Sunday, November 10, 2013

Build A Monster Game

I had a busy work week with parent-teacher conferences and report cards, which meant a quiet blog week. On weeks like this we tend to focus on creating what little routine we can stick to and recreating favorite activities.

With the long week over today we played a new activity which I've been looking forward to trying out. Before Halloween I was inspired by an activity I saw over at Playdough to Plato called Roll A Skeleton. Around the same time Big Brother and I had grabbed some fun craft foam and colorful google eyes at JoAnn's on sale. I decided to make up our own roll and build game.

Before we played I cut the foam into various shapes; cutting multiples of each shape in order to create bodies, heads, arms, legs, hair, and other extra parts. Although I could have used a pattern, I decided to just free cut them.

I also created a game sheet on the computer, which matched a number to a body part. I used a small foam cube which came in a pack of 100 from the dollar store as a dice. Big Brother is doing a great job recognizing numbers under ten, so I decided to make this dice for numbers 11 through 16. I left the game sheet numbers blank on the computer and hand wrote them in so we can always print off a different copy to work on other numbers.

We set the monster parts out into divided containers and got ready to play on the floor. Big Brother and I took turns rolling the dice and selecting the body parts. As we played I asked Big Brother to say the number on the dice out loud and find it on the game sheet. As teen numbers were new for us I gave him help when needed.

We decided to play until one monster had a complete set of everything, but we made it optional to take extras of some things if you wanted. For example, my monster wound up with two heads and two   bodies while Big Brother wound up with lots of eyes. Daddy decided to come play too, and wound up   winning! 

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