Saturday, February 22, 2014

Painting with Feet as Inspired by Dr. Seuss

Last year we had so much fun celebrating Dr. Seuss' birthday (March 2) that we're already starting to read some of his books and create new fun around them. Today's read was "The Foot Book."

The read inspired us to do one of our messiest projects yet . . . painting with feet! 

Painting with Feet
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The Foot Book is full of fun and silly opposites. Last year Big Brother and I had a lot of fun reading this book and then creating our own family foot book. We even got the dog involved!

But this week the boys have both been sick, first Big Brother with flu like symptoms and then Little Brother with a cold for several days. By today, as they started to feel a little better, they were looking for something fun and new to do.  So I surprised them with this project after reading the book. It was definitely a messy one, and made me very glad we have both washable paint and a washable floor, but their enjoyment of it was worth it!

First I taped brown craft paper onto the floor and put small amounts of washable poster paint along the paper. The boys took off their socks and we rolled up their pants. (Although later their pants were so covered in paint the rolling them didn't help much.) 

As soon as they stepped into the paint they started smiling and laughing as they skated across the paper. 

After the initial steps they had fun experimenting with different types of "feet" and mixing colors. 

We tried slow feet, fast feet, jumping feet, tiptoe feet, 

and even dancing feet. 

Unfortunately, neither kiddo was able to stay on their feet for the whole process and in fact slipping became part of the fun. But again, as it was washable paint it came right out of their clothes in the wash and right off their feet in the tub!

But best of all was when Little Brother decided to take a break and revisit the book, it's definitely becoming a Dr. Seuss family favorite!

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