Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Alphabet Adventures: N is for Noodles

I can't believe it's taken me over a week to write up this Alphabet Adventure. But we've been a little excited about the amazing fall weather and getting outside as much as possible. We also celebrated my husband's birthday this past weekend and had several special projects to complete before his big day.

I have to admit this wasn't our best adventure either. Our errands ahead of time ran late, which meant we were all over hungry and ready to be home. Big Brother was also a little under the weather, which meant he really wasn't feeling himself and acting that way. And Little Brother was way over due for a break from all the errands. But in a "Real Family Moment" we gave it a go despite the early warning signs it might not work out and then decided to take our food to go shortly after it arrived. Although not that fun, it was important for us to set some consistency in our expectations and to admit when it was no longer working to stay. To top it off, the camera wasn't set on the right setting so please excuse the blurry photos. 

The Adventure: N is for Noodle
A new "noodle" restaurant opened locally. The restaurant allows you to mix and match from a selection of noodles, sauces, and add-ins to create your own personalized dish. They then cook it to order. We decided to order two of their recommended creations for ourselves and helped Big Brother order his own creation. 

As we waited for our food to arrive, we also tasted one of the restaurant's other specialities: bubble tea. Having never tried it before, it was a huge hit with both Big Brother and myself. 

When our food came we were really impressed with the sizes of the portions and flavors. Unfortunately, Big Brother really started to crash and we decided it was better to pack it all up and took the noodles home and enjoyed them there instead. 

A few days later we read More Spaghetti, I Say! by Rita Golden Gelman about a monkey who loves spaghetti and eats a little too much. We connected the book to the noodles Big Brother had ordered. 

The Project: N is for Night
We did a quick project for N, which is to create a night scene using black paper, silver marker, gel pens, and stickers. 
I'm really enjoying how Big Brother's imagination is taking off with his free art. For this project he decided to draw fireworks with an astronaut floating in space. 

We've been enjoying another "Henry" adventure and reading Henry's Night by D.B. Johnson and read the book another time after finishing the project. 

Although it wasn't our best adventure, we still were really glad to try out a new restaurant and we're looking forward to trying it again. 

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  1. I LOVE the Noodle Station! Have a lunch date there next week and can't wait to get my Nutty Professor fix.
    -Kim Frydman