Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Coffee Filter Fall Leaves

We're still enjoying the beautiful colors this fall, although admitting that we're sadly reaching the end of the season. We've been looking at the different shapes of the leaves in the yard and on walks, which prompted me to create a leaf art project. 
Although we never have , you can buy precut leaves made from the same paper as coffee filters. In fact, I was admiring them in a catalog the other day, but guessed I could make our own from plain white coffee filters. I folded the filter in half, and then cut out a leaf shape. 

I didn't make our leaves realistic, but could have if I wanted to. Instead I just tried to cut some with points and some with rounded tips. 

After I had cut the leaves, Big Brother colored them with washable markers. 

He then sprayed the leaves with water. This caused the colors to blend together. Big Brother always loves this part. 

We had to move off the floor to the table, as Little Brother became really interested in the project. We found putting the leaves on a cookie tray worked well for spraying. After spraying we placed the leaves on plain white paper to dry. 

We made several leaves and in the end had some beautiful colored leaves to hang in our front window. 

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