Thursday, September 26, 2013

Sticky Leaf Collage

This is a quick fall activity that kids can really enjoy, no matter what age. It's simple to set up and create, so it can be done easily at any time. Big Brother worked on his the other day while I made dinner. After coming home from some errands we collected leaves from the backyard. 

I laid out a large square of clear contact paper on the table sticky side up. Big Brother arranged the leaves by pressing them onto the paper. 

He then sprinkled a little gold and red glitter on top of the leaves because, as we all know, everything is better with glitter. When he was done we spread another sheet of clear contact paper on top of the piece he had decorated. This was the first time he was really "big" enough to help spread the second sheet.

I trimmed the edges and we had to hang it up right away so we could enjoy looking at it while we ate dinner. The fading fall light made it hard to photograph, but the process allowed us to capture the beautiful color of the leaves and the passing sunlight created a soft glow through the paper. 

Here's another shot of it the next day. Again, hard to photograph the actual colors but we're really pleased with the final product as a way to capture a little of the beauty of fall before it fades away. 

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