Monday, September 23, 2013

Fall Farm Sensory Bin

We're really getting excited about fall here, which inspired me to put together this new sensory bin. For this bin the base was cracked corn (found in the birdseed aisle.) I added in fake leaves, autumn colored gem stones, acorns, miniature pumpkins, gourds, some of our farm animals, a few pots and pretend branches, and small tractors. I set up the materials in a large, shallow plastic tub. 

When Big Brother woke up from his quiet time we began to explore the bin. His initial comment was "Does this mean it's really fall?" He then said, "It's beautiful!" which pretty much made this mama break out in a huge grin.

He then proceeded to explore the bin. His explorations included collecting all the gems to make food for the animals, using the tractors to move the corn, and replanting the trees. 

One of my favorite moments included when the horse had a birthday party with a special cake and all the other animals thanked her for being invited. 

I had set up Little Brother with some pumpkins to explore as well. 

But of course, Big Brother's activity looked way more interesting and he found his way over to the bin. I allowed him to explore a little too, keeping a close eye on all the small pieces. 

In the end, a great way for all of us to explore fall on this gray, cool day. 

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