Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Indoor Camp Out

We've been waiting for several weeks for a break in the forecast with the hope of camping out in our backyard. We've never taken Big Brother camping and he's been expressing an interest in trying it. We knew the backyard would be the perfect starting location . . . but unfortunately the few breaks we've had in the rainy weather have been few and far between. So today, as we were faced with yet another rainy day, we decided to put together an indoor camp out or camp in.

We set up Big Brother's play tent in the living room with his sleeping bag, pillow, and flashlight. We added our picnic blanket and firewood. 

Of course we needed a campfire too; which we created using orange poster board, 
markers, glue, and glitter. 

We "lit the fire" by placing the flames into the fire wood. 

We ate trail mix and read Curious George Goes Camping in front of the fire. 

Big Brother used the flashlight to search the area surrounding our campsite for skunks, deer, squirrels, and moose.

Big Brother was inspired to pull his pretend food out of his play kitchen. We cooked hot dogs and several different breakfasts over the fire. We used cotton balls and bamboo skewers for some pretend marshmallow play. 

We also enjoyed some real food at our indoor campsite, including a hot dog and veggie stick lunch and several snacks. The set-up kept Big Brother happily engaged most of the day. We even tried rest in the tent (which was unsuccessful and rest eventually moved to his room) but he played with it again when we woke up. Definitely a great rainy day diversion!


  1. Love this! The power of a child's imagination never fails to amaze me. When a parent can connect with that, a family can survive the longest dullest days Nature can dish out.

    1. It definitely helped us make it through yet another rainy day here, and was requested again this morning. We decided to save it for another day though.

  2. How cute, love the fire and great idea with the marshmallows. The best of it all is the smile and pure joy that shows on his face!

    1. Thanks Tammie, I was tempted to use real marshmallows, but knew we would eat too many on such a rainy day. He loved putting them on and off the stick and "burning" them.