Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Alphabet Adventures: B is for Breakfast Boat Ride

So we're pretty lucky and my in-laws are lending us their boat for the summer. It's an old motorized fishing boat which is only a few years younger than my husband, but it's still a boat. We've wanted to go for a boat ride for several weeks now, but the rainy and stormy weather has kept us off the river. Sunday morning we took advantage of the morning forecast and planned our next letter adventure. Last week I posted about our new Alphabet Adventures. As we had not yet had breakfast, we decided to make it a double letter trip making our letter B Adventure a "Breakfast Boat Ride."

The Adventure
Big Brother opening the "letter bag" to find the letter B and a small, plastic boat. 
We packed some yummy breakfast treats including fresh berry muffins, bananas, yogurts, orange juice, and iced coffee (for the grown-ups) into the cooler. We found some picnic supplies, grabbed life jackets and towels, and headed out. 

The river is about a ten minute drive from our house and makes a great, scenic ride. We love finding places we know from the river. 

After several muggy and stormy days, the morning weather was perfect and breakfast was delicious.

We enjoyed thinking of all the "B" words we could find. This included boat, breakfast, berry, banana, bridge,  . . . 

and of course, brothers!

When we were back on dry land we read the fun book "Who Sank the Boat" by Pamela Allen.

The Project
In the afternoon we completed our "B" project: B is for bubbles. We decided to try painting with bubbles. I liked how I had seen a set up for the bubble painting on Pinterest at this link. For our painting we used liquid watercolors, bubble soap, straws, and water. 

I combined the liquid watercolors, the soap, and a little water into a painting cup. We added a straw to each cup and mixed all the materials together. 

Big Brother than blew bubbles by using the straw. 

After all the cups were full of bubbles we placed a piece of white paper on top. Our colors were not as bright as I expected. I think next time we would use different paint and possibly add more to it. 

All in all, another great Alphabet Adventure!

If you don't have access to a boat you could always try renting one from a local park or swimming area, as many of these places have canoes or peddle boats for rent. Other B adventures could also include: bowling, a bakery, a bank, or a barn. 


  1. This sounds and looks like you all had a (B)eautiful time.

    1. It really was a great family outing, and fell perfectly into the idea of learning while doing some of the things on our summer fun list.