Monday, July 29, 2013

Alphabet Adventures: G is for Golf

Big Brother is curious about all things sports related, and although my husband and I are not major sports fanatics, we're enjoying watching him explore a variety of different athletic endeavors. So when it came time for our "G Adventure" we knew mini-golf was a great summer activity. We had never taken him before but he's been really curious about golf as several family members play.

The Adventure
This weekend we headed a little south to a local mini-golf place. Even though we're not sports nuts, my husband and I both do enjoy a good game of mini-golf and have been known to get pretty competitive with one another in the past. We quickly realized that mini-golfing with a three year old was a whole different game.

Big Brother is probably a little more ready for the driving range with the swing he was using. But when not swinging he combined a mix of soccer, hockey, and pinball machine moves to make his way through the 18 holes. By the end he was getting a little closer to a swing that looked like a putt and a smaller number of hits. Little Brother eagerly watched from the sidelines. Mini-golf proved to be a lot of fun for all of us.

The Project
G is for Gold!

This was a quickie collage project which allowed Big Brother to create freely. He actually worked on it while I got Little Brother ready for bed. I put out gold glitter glue, gold glitter, and gold sequins. He pretty much went for the squeeze and dump. But, he sang as "G is for gold" the whole time he created it. 

And in a real family moment, I didn't gather a book ahead of time that fit with either part of the adventure. But I think in this adventure, it was really all about the doing!

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