Saturday, December 31, 2016

New Year's Eve Family Interview

I never really enjoyed New Year's Eve as a younger person, but a few years ago we found a way to make it a fun family holiday, and since then I've enjoyed it much more! Every year we have our own special tradition on New Year's Eve involving a series of easy, at home activities and treats. Each activity or treat is hidden within a paper bag. You can read more about our New Year's Eve Bags for the Whole Family here.

Last year, one of our activities involved a quick family interview. It became an instant hit with everyone, even Daddy. We liked it enough that this year I've created a new, cuter printable version that we can use again and share with others!

At one point during our New Year's Even night each family member took a turn being interviewed by the rest of the family. In the interview they answered questions about the past year and a few things they were looking forward to in the new year. I tucked the interviews aside and we'll get to reread them again this year.

For this year, I rewrote the interviews to add in new dates and made it shareable with others. You can find the link below. It's a great, last minute New Year's activity, but could also be done on New Year's Day morning as a way to kick off the New Year!

Click Here for A Free Printable Copy of The Family Interview

The best part is it's such a fun way to learn a little bit more about your family and remember some of the best moments of the past year.

From our family to yours, Happy New Year!

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