Friday, December 23, 2016

Christmas Tree Quesadilla

With just a few days to go until Christmas, the energy and anticipation are both on high at our house. I find during these times one of the best things to do is add quick, small bursts of fun into our day to help keep everyone distracted.

A few years ago I came up with these pretty simple Christmas Tree Quesadillas. They are perfect for a fast dinner or lunch in the lead up to Christmas. And they add just a small dose of fun to keep people positive.

Ingredients (per quesadilla)
2 flour tortillas
a handful of cherry or grape tomatoes
slice of cucumber
shredded cheddar cheese (about 1/2 cup)

My boys prefer cheese quesadillas, but other items like grilled chicken could easily be added to the quesadillas. We're huge fans of Cabot's Vermont Sharp Cheddar Cheese, especially when it's melted in between two soft layers of tortilla!

Christmas Tree Quesadillas can be made pretty much anyway that you usually make quesadillas. 

I usually fill them up and place them onto a cookie tray. (In this case, just adding the shredded cheese between the two layers.) I broil them on low for 3-4 minutes per side, flipping often. As soon as the cheese is melted and the edges starting to look toasted, I remove the quesadilla from the oven. 

Once the quesadilla is cooked, cut it into 4 equal pieces. The tree only uses three pieces, so the fourth one I set or aside (or eat myself . . .) 

Stack the three pieces onto a plate so that the top layers cover the tip of the triangle piece below. Cut the tomatoes in half and place on top of the quesadillas so that they look like ornaments. Cut a half circle piece of cucumber and add to the bottom of the quesadilla tree as a stump. 

Serve with a side of salsa, or just eat plain. My boys love this fun treat as they love both the veggies and the cheesy quesadilla. You could definitely get creative with additional ornament toppings too, but I like to just keep it simple with this one. 

Here's hoping you can find a few simple and fun ways to keep your own kiddos (big or little) distracted over the next few days!

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