Monday, March 21, 2016

Peas 'n Carrots Sensory Bin

A few weeks ago we used dried peas in our Leprechaun's Letters Sensory Tub, and they proved to be a great sensory tub filler. So while we still had them out, I decided to tweak the bin a little to reflect the next upcoming holiday: Easter.

Last year I picked up these cute little carrot containers at The Dollar Tree (I saw others for sale this year as well) and I've been looking for a great way to use them. What goes better with carrots than peas?

Little Brother's favorite thing to do with sensory bins has always been to pour or dump the ingredients, so I decided to channel that productively with some kitchen utensils. Into the bin I added an ice cream scoop, a mini-measuring cup, and a tablespoon. I also put a small stuffed bunny in, just to allow some extra creative play to come out.

The minute Little Brother saw the bin he excitedly started scooping and pouring the dried peas. First into the measuring cup and then into the carrot containers. 

He experimented with filling the carrots with all three of the different utensils and then dumping the peas back out. 

The bunny also got involved in the play, as he started "munching" on the peas and carrots. The bigger, filled carrots wound up being his birthday treats. (Although he was told he had to "wait three hours" until he could eat them.) 

Little Brother came back and played again with the bin for quite a while later in the day (including adding a few eggs.) He was completely engrossed in the play, and unfortunately didn't notice what a huge mess he made. But luckily we'd spread a blanket down this time! 

I can see this bin being a big hit for the rest of the week! We're looking forward to what other fun ways can we explore Easter this week. 

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