Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Simple Sticker Valentine's (with Free Printables)

I absolutely love all the amazingly adorable and fun Valentine's ideas you can find these days on Pinterest. We've loved sharing them this month on Facebook and adding them to our Valentine's Day Pinterest Board.

And while we were tempted to recreate some of these amazing ideas, this year we decided to keep it simple with these Sticker Valentine's Day cards.

I originally didn't plan on sharing them, so we're posting this a little close to the day, but they were so simple and easy to create, and looked pretty cute in the end we couldn't resist posting anyway. 

The materials are simple: our free Valentine's printed onto colored card stock, stickers, and markers or pens. We really liked using Mrs. Grossman's stickers for our Valentine's, they were just the right size and there are lots of theme options when buying stickers. 

I made up three different sheets of printable Valentine's which matched some of the boys' current interests: airplanes, frogs, and monster trucks/race cars. (Click on the links below to get your own free copies.)

Airplane Printable Valentine's Cards

Race Car/Monster Truck Valentine's Cards

Frog Valentine's Cards

Each sheet has four different Valentine's cards. We printed ours out so that we had enough of one of the sets for each of the boys' classrooms. (Big Brother wanted planes, Little Brother got frogs.)

I cut out the hearts, and Big Brother added the stickers to his. I wrote "To" and "From" onto the back side of each Valentine, and Big Brother worked his way through his class list writing names.

We're not quite done (writing names takes a lot of work when you're not quite 5 yet) but the ones we started came out really fast and simple. 

So if you wanted to make some last minute homemade Valentine's, these are definitely the way to go. What other themes would you love to see added our list above?

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