Monday, February 9, 2015

Rolling Pin Valentine's

I first saw using a rolling pin and foam stickers to paint this fall over at Fantastic Fun and Learning when they were creating Rolling Pin Fall Leaf Paintings. I tucked it into the back of my mind as something I wanted to try with the boys. When I was trying to think of a way for Little Brother to be a little more hands on with his Valentine's, it came to mind.

I decided to use the smaller rolling pin that the boys use in their play kitchen or play dough play, with the idea it might be easier for Little Brother. Even though it's a rolling pin used for play, I took the tip of wrapping it in plastic wrap. On top of the plastic wrap I added a few foam heart stickers. (Foam stickers are pivotal to the project as they are thick and are raised off the pin.) 

We started with red and white paint, but later added purple too. I put the paint in a small tray for easy (but not too messy) rolling. We used large white paper for painting on. 

Little Brother wanted to do it all on his own, so after I showed him how to get the rolling pin covered in paint he did the rest. At first he dragged the rolling pin, making a large paint smear. 

Later he practiced rolling it. 

Some heart images began to show up through the paint. 

The colors also had places where they mixed into new colors and places where they stayed their original color. The mixing made for a pretty element in the painted paper. 

After the papers had dried I cut up the paper and mounted it to red and pink card stock to make Valentine's.

We'll use these for Little Brother's teacher and grandparent Valentine's. Definitely a hands on and fun way to create toddler friendly Valentine's. 

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