Monday, May 12, 2014

Sugar & Spice Teacher Gifts

Teacher appreciation week officially was last week, but I wanted to share what we put together for Big Brother's preschool teachers.

They were easy and cute to create.

We had five teachers to create gifts for and we wanted to make them fun and practical. We bought a handful of berry baskets from our local farm stand which Big Brother decorated. (I wrote on the teachers' names.) 

Inside we put a potted herb (the spice), chocolates and homemade cookies ( the sugar), two little notes, and some paper Easter grass. The herbs we gave were spearmint, parsley (pictured above and below), oregano, rosemary (pictured above), and thyme. The cookies were our favorite homemade oatmeal cranberry dark chocolate chip.

One note was from Big Brother to the teacher what he liked about them. He signed it. 

The other note/tag I printed up on the computer. It said: 
"Some sugar and spice for someone who is oh, so nice. Thanks for all you do."

A cute, simple way to thank a teacher!

(These could also make great end of the year gifts too!) 

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