Sunday, May 25, 2014

Quick Pick & Project of the Week: Seeds! Seeds! Seeds! Picture Frame

We've been a little busy with Little Brother being sick this past week, and have not had a lot of time to share what we've been up to. But we did have some time this week to still have a little fun. One of our projects of the week involved creating this seed collage picture frame as part of our Quick Pick & Project of the Week posts.

We recently found Seeds! Seeds! Seeds! by Nancy Elizabeth Wallace at our local library and we are really enjoying it. Not only does it give kids great information on how seeds grow, are different, may be used for different things, and what they need; it also gives several different ideas for projects right in the book! Buddy, the Little Bear, receives a special package from his grandfather with five bags. In each bag there is a different seed activity or project for Buddy to do. 

For our project we decided to create a seed picture frame just like Buddy creates near the end of the story. 

We started with a plain picture frame mat I had bought at a discount store a while back. I used it because it was a little more rugged, but you could easily cut one out of card stock or a recycled box. 

I found some different seeds we had in the house, in our case mostly dried beans. Later we added in a little bit of bird seed as well. 

We used regular white glue for attaching the seeds. Big Brother worked on gluing on the seeds in a way he liked best. 

We ended with a beautiful picture frame. It would be really interesting to see what older kids might do with this project in terms of patterns or mosaic making. 

As I mentioned above there are some other great project ideas included. This would also be a great book to read when starting a garden for the summer or exploring seeds in other ways. We've done both before, created a family garden and explored seeds! Do you have a favorite seed project or recipe? 

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