Saturday, August 24, 2013

Alphabet Adventures: K is for Kayak and L is for Lake

It's been a quiet week for the blog and projects as we went on multigenerational family trip and I started my return to work. But we still managed to fit in two more letters on our Alphabet Adventures by doing two letters on one adventure.

Although we had originally planned to fly a kite for letter "K" we had the opportunity to borrow some kayaks while away with family. We were also staying at a lake that was new to us, so it made sense to include "L" in this adventure.

The Adventure
We were excited to try kayaking as my husband and I have only tried ocean kayaking once and the boys had never tried at all. When it became clear the kayaks were available we realized we could not have asked for a better day or timing on the lake to try it out. 

As we headed out it took us each a moment to figure out how to paddle with one of the boys in each kayak but as we progressed it got easier. There was almost no one else on the lake that morning, so we had fun exploring the edges and trying to "catch" the many ducks which were swimming nearby. 

The mountain views from the middle of the lake were beautiful. The water was calm and the air the perfect temperature. Earlier in the day I had heard a loon calling out and hoped we might see one, but no luck. 

Big Brother enjoyed riding in the kayak so much he went back out with Daddy for a second ride. And I started dreaming about finding a pair of used kayaks for next summer. 

The Projects
A few days later when we returned home we were able to complete our "K" and "L" projects: K is for Kiss and L is for Lemon. 

For the K project I let Big Brother put on some lipstick. He thought this was pretty silly. He then "kissed" the paper leaving colorful kiss marks all over the paper. 

For the L project we cut a lemon in half and did lemon prints using yellow poster paint. On the first few prints the paint was thick and printed large circles. The later prints started to show the segments of the lemons. 

Each of the pages will be added to the binder we've continued to create which chronicles are all our adventures. 

Other K adventure ideas: fly a kite, karate class, anything to do with kids, and karting. 
Other L adventure ideas include: lobster pound/restautrant , lighthouse,  and lawn games. 

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