Saturday, August 17, 2013

Alphabet Adventures: J is for Jump!

Early this summer we learned that a local community center sets up an indoor bounce house two days a week and for a small fee ($3) kids could come jump and play for several hours. We waited for the letter J in our Alphabet Adventures  series to go so we could do J is for Jump!

The Adventure
We're pretty excited to discover this great resource as summer is coming to a close. For our bouncy Big Brother this will be a great indoor activity when the weather gets cold. Not only did the center have a bounce house but also large floor mats, foam climbing shapes, and balls.

Unfortunately, even though we were at the center for quite a while and we all took a turn in the bounce house, it really didn't lend itself very well to photos. 

It was a huge hit with Big Brother, who loves to jump all the time, so we'll definitely go back. An even better part for him was running into some new friends from town so he had other kids to jump with. 

When we returned home we read Hop Jump by Ellen Stoll Walsh. This wonderful tale is about a frog who wants to dance instead of hop and jump. She and the other frogs learn there is always room for both dancers and jumpers. 

The Project
We kept our project simple this time, J is for Jewel! For a long time now Big Brother has enjoyed using gem like stickers. Unlike other stickers they are very easy for little fingers to peel off. We decorated a blue "J" for our book. 

Another great adventure while learning about a new resource for the upcoming fall and winter months. 

Other J ideas: jumgle gym, jewelry shop/store, junkyard, and making jam. 
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