Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Teacher Appreciation "Berry" Gift (with free printable)

It's been a busy month, as you might have seen from our June Monthly Goals post, on both the work and personal front. This has meant it's been one of our quietest months yet at Kitchen Floor Crafts. However, while we may have been distracted we've still had a few moments for crafting fun and family focused time.

This included putting together an end of year gift for Little Brother's preschool teachers. His year ended a little later than Big Brother's, which meant that the local strawberries were already in season. Who doesn't love fresh strawberries?

We paired fresh strawberries with a handmade card to create this sweet and memorable teacher appreciation gift. 

It's that delicious time of year when fresh strawberries pop up at our local farm stand. Knowing how yummy they are, Little Brother and I picked up several quarts to give to his teachers. 

We paired the fresh strawberries with a sweet note that said, "Thank you "berry" much for being my teacher this year." I created a quick card and copied it so that Little Brother could decorate it. He decided to watercolor the card, although it could also be colored on with markers or crayons. 

To print off a set of blank set of cards, click the link here. (Please note, there are two cards per page.) 

No matter which way you decide to decorate the card, once it is dry it is ready to go. We matched the cards to quarts of strawberries and give one set to each teacher. 

We loved what a yummy and useable this teacher gift was. And we can guess that the teachers we gave them to felt well appreciated!

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