Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Stick Painting

We've done this project a few times this summer and I just love how they turn out every time, even though they are always a little different. Originally I had imagined they would look like trees as the kids painted them, but instead they always turn out a little more abstract.

But I also love how they are art created using found objects in nature which adds to their simplistic appeal. The materials are simple enough for many different age levels to explore!

Foam board
Hot Glue Gun

During Forest Week in our Simple Summer Theme series we first experimented with these stick paintings. We also did the same project again a few weeks later at the Preschool Nature Camp I lead.

Before the project I cut large, poster sized pieces of foam board into smaller pieces (giving me 4 pieces per foam board.) I discovered the best way to cut the foam board was to use an Exacto knife.

To begin with, we collected sticks while we were out in the woods. Each kiddo collected one stick that they liked. It had to be about the length of their arm. After we returned from the walk I used the hot glue gun to attach the stick to the foam board.

I then set out a set of watercolors for each kiddo with their stick and board.

The kids watercolored around their stick. I encourage them to think about their stick as a tree, and to think about what season they might want their tree to be in. They thought a little about what colors they might use depending on the season. 

In the end, both times we did the project kids mostly added nice colors around their sticks to create a very simplistic but beautiful piece of art. We have the boys displayed in our living room. 

As I mentioned before, this project can be approached by a variety of age levels. Although we've only done it with ages 3 through 6, I'm sure that all age levels could find a way to approach this project and make it their own. 

I'm sure this activity is one we will come back to again another time. 

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