Thursday, July 7, 2016

Keep Summer Simple (July 2016)

We're almost a week into July, and just posting our monthly goals  . . . but that fits perfectly with our focus for the next month: Keep Summer Simple.

For whatever reason, this summer I'm feeling the need for us to keep it simple - slow it down and just enjoy the best parts of this season in our part of the world. The temperatures are warm, the world is green, the swimming is perfect, and the gardens are begin to burst with fresh veggies and fruit. It's one of the best times of year to live in New England. 

You may have noticed that we've slowed down our new posts this summer. Even with the fun of our Simple Summer Themes, I'm finding that most of the times the boys are interested in all those classic "summer" activities- playing outside, swimming whenever they can, bike riding, imaginative play, and fun play dates with friends. Following a busy school year, it feels like just the type of summer we need.

And after we spent the 4th of July weekend enjoying many other classic summer activities, like campfires and bar-be-ques and sleeping in tents, I was even more certain that this is biggest goal we should focus on this July - keeping summer simple and fun.

I'm looking forward to what may come up this month as we head further into the heart of summer. But, even more so, I'm looking forward to what may NOT come up this month as we keep things simple and enjoy summer as much as we can.

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1 comment:

  1. I am a huge fan of simple. Enjoy the rest of summer!