Saturday, April 9, 2016

Dinosaur Egg Sensory Play

Some of our activities I plan out and some of our activities just happen. On the days they turn into something that's tons of fun, and I know we might want to do again, I try to grab the camera. That's exactly how this Dinosaur Egg Sensory Play evolved.

Recently we were given a tub of "Delta" sand by my Dad. As far as I can tell, it's pretty similar to Kinetic Sand (although maybe not quite as fluid.) Online I had seen a cool video posted by Hallecake to use kinetic sand with plastic eggs. 

We decided to try out our Delta Sand out with our plastic eggs, and it wasn't long until the boys were pretending they were dinosaur eggs. So why let the pretending stop there? I quickly pulled out our Safari Toob Dinosaurs and added them into the bin we were using.

Now the boys could actually use the dinosaurs and sand inside the eggs together to create hatch-able eggs. 

This especially worked well with the larger sized Easter eggs we have on hand. First they would fill the eggs with a dinosaur and sand. 

Then they would squeeze the eggs closed so that the sand compacted inside. 

If they were careful when they opened it, they could have a complete egg with dinosaur inside. 

The dinosaurs could live in the egg, pretend to hatch, or just travel around the bin! 

This bin has created some great play and several return sessions. We definitely enjoy dinosaur play here, so this one will be an activity I know we'll return to. 

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