Monday, October 26, 2015

Cork Print Spiders

Last year we were given a very large bag of corks, and it's been fun to think of different ways to use them. In honor of Halloween, and because we've enjoyed other spider projects this fall, we decided to try cork print spiders.
This also proved to be another great, after school project for Big Brother one weekday. 
Corks (two different sizes works best) 
Black ink pad
Black permanent marker
Silver permanent marker

Press the larger cork onto the pad and then stamp onto the paper. The first few times it is used the cork needs to be pressed more firmly onto the ink pad so that it can absorb the ink. 

After stamping the larger cork a few times, repeat the same process with the smaller stamp. This time, print the smaller cork circle so it is attached to one of the larger prints, which makes the head of the spider. 

Next, use the permanent marker to create eight legs.

We also liked using a silver permanent marker to create spider webs and a few other small details. 

We kept our spiders just as a picture, but these could make cute Halloween cards or bookmarks too. They wound up having a really cool textured design!

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  1. How cute! Is it weird that I'm a little jealous of your bag of corks? lol! I've been waiting for someone to give them away, but no luck yet. (I'm too cheap to actually buy them, lol!) #ThoughtfulSpot

    1. I will admit, it's a pretty good bag to be jealous of. I would be jealous if I saw it at a friend's house. However, my husband wonders why we have to store so many.