Friday, May 8, 2015

Teacher Appreciation Gift: Seed & Flower Craft

We had a lot of fun this week thinking of ways to treat the boys' teachers. Although I always appreciate the things I receive as a teacher during this week, I also know how much I value the teachers who take care of my boys when I need to be working. It takes a lot of energy, care, and dedication to be a teacher of young children and we definitely know some of the best.

Throughout the week we thought of small ways to say thank you, so that we could provide treats for more than one day. These Teacher Appreciation Seed & Flower craft gifts were easy to put together and such a great kick off for spring. Our inspiration for the gift came from our Teacher Appreciation Sunflowers a few years ago. 

Seed packets (we used mostly sunflower seed packets, although also some other flowers too.)
Yellow and green card stock
Cupcake liners (we used yellow)
Real sunflower seeds
Permanent marker

First cut slits into the cupcake liners, but do not cut through the center circle. Turn the cupcake liner inside out if it is only colored on one side. 

Trace circles that are slightly larger than the cupcake liner on to the yellow card stock and cut out. 

Trace (or draw) leaf shapes onto the green card stock and cut those out. 

Glue a cupcake liner into the middle of one of the yellow circles. 
Glue so the slits are facing upwards. 

Use a little bit of glue to add sunflower seeds to the middle of the cupcake liner. 

Glue the leaves onto the back of the flower. 
We included the words, "Thank you for helping me grow." 
(We found it easier to add the words before glue onto the flowers.) 

After the flowers dried, we taped them to the a seed packet. 
We really loved how cheerful and colorful these turned out. 

Some of our other gifts this week included small chocolates, homemade cards, and a fun summer water bottle. How did you treat your child's teacher this week? Remember, even just a homemade card or quick note can go a long way in making someone feel appreciated! 


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