Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Easy Easter Sensory Bin

The other day I was looking for something fast and fun for the boys to do, and quickly put together this Easy Easter Sensory Bin.

All month I've been inspired by several different posts where people used plastic Easter eggs in sensory bins. We already had ours out for our Jelly Bean Math Play, so it was easy to add them to our bin. 

Last month I brought home a large bag of shredded paper which we used in our Dr. Seuss Rhyming Fish Play and I still had it in a large bin. To the shredded paper I added about a dozen plastic easter eggs, some fake spring flowers (from our Spring Flower Playdough set up) and some bunnies cut out of craft foam.

Little Brother was the most interested. 
He loved the texture of the paper and moving it around in the bin. 

For whatever reason, he thought filling the eggs with the shredded paper was hilarious.
He repeated this several times.  

Later he and I played "hide the bunny" in the paper. We took turns hiding it while the other person would find it in the paper. 

At the very end of our play we added in a few more things: a toy shovel, a toy rake, and a plastic egg carton. 

This gave Little Brother even more ways to play, although it did start get pretty messy. Luckily, paper shreds are easy to vacuum. 

This has been a hit all week, and now currently also has trucks and race cars added in. Little Brother has returned to it several times, which is usually a sign he loves it. 

Best of all, fast to put together and all the materials were things we already had! 

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  1. It looks like fun! Thanks for allowing me to share in my Easter Roundup :)