Monday, January 5, 2015

Simple Play: Paper Boats in Water

We were intrigued recently when we heard that NurtureStore was hosting a month of "Simple Play." Their resolution to go back to basics and engage with simple materials in a playful way connected to how I envision our afternoons being a little less chaotic this month.

To kick off the series today's theme was water play. On this frigid January day it was a little hard to imagine playing with water, but we decided to set up a small container and some paper boats on the kitchen floor.

Paper rectangles 
Small tub
Towel (for under the tub)
Straws (optional)

I used left over wrapping paper from the holidays and followed the directions on this page to create a few paper boats. The youtube video was really helpful the first time!

Following that I set a small tub of water on the floor and the boys instantly began playing with the water and the boats. 

After they played for a few minutes I gave them a few straws to use to blow their boats around. 

Little Brother was not quite sure how he wanted to use the straw . . .
But Big Brother was able to create some great wind effects. 

We played until Little Brother had a toddler moment and dumped the whole bucket on the floor; okay actually I let it happen twice before I gave up. Thank goodness for bath towels and washing machines. 

It was a quick, simple set up that both boys enjoyed. Big Brother asked if next time we can try making them for the bathtub, so the water won't be spilled out. 

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