Sunday, September 7, 2014

Quick Pick & Project of the Week: Going for a Nature Collection Walk

Many of our Quick Picks and Projects involve an arts or crafts component, but sometimes a quick book extension can also be as easy as going for a walk. 

I've always enjoyed reading kids the book Hannah's Collections, and going for a nature walk is a fun and active extension. After the walk there are several different ways kids could use their collection too. 

Going For A Nature Collection Walk

The book  is about a little girl named Hannah who loves collecting things and has several collections  including popsicle sticks, stamps, barrettes, and more. The problem is now she needs to bring a collection to school, except she has so many collections how will she ever choose one? What's so engaging about the book are the illustrations which are a mix of collage with images of real items. 

We spent some time reading the book and inspecting the pages of Hannah's collections and her final solution. Then we headed outside to create our own collection: a nature collection. Big Brother has several collections already, but is always up for creating another one. 

I gave each of the boys a paper shopping bag with handles. They were pretty excited about the walk so it was hard to capture them in action. 

Both Big Brother and I showed Little Brother what the bag was for. Once he understood he was excited to put things in his bag. 

Big Brother collected a wide range of items as we walked: leaves, pinecones, rocks, sticks, acorns, and moss. Little Brother mostly collected pinecones and acorns. 

When we got home we experimented with using our nature items to create a collage. As I wanted it to be as kids' hands on as possible, we did not use the glue gun. But, several days later our collage is still drying, so we're thinking more about other ways to create art work afterwards with larger items. 

Other extension ideas for using a collection after a walk could be to sort the pieces, use the pieces to create a pattern, or order the pieces from smallest to largest. 

We're also thinking there are several other types of "Collection Walks" you could go on. What ideas do you have? 

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