Friday, August 29, 2014

Dot Sticker Coordinates (with free printable)

Big Brother has been interested in board games for quite a while, and it's been really fun to explore different games with him. Lately he's wanted to try playing the game Battleship, but we're still finding it hard to modify that game for him to really be able to play. (It's really meant for older children.)

In the meantime, I created this Dot Sticker game which helps practice reading and using coordinates so he can work towards playing the game and also practice this math and science skill.

The materials were simple: a copy of our free printable for each person and colored dot stickers.
To play, the first person creates a pattern on the top grid using the dot stickers while the other person covers their eyes. Then, keeping the paper out of view of the second player, the first player gives directions to the second player on how to fill in their grid.

So for example, the first player might say "A-1 yellow" or "B-2 blue." As the second player hears the directions they use the stickers to fill in their grid. After the first player has given all their coordinates the two players compare pictures to see if the grids match. Then the players switch roles and the second player creates the picture and gives the directions. 

We both had a lot of fun with this activity and played four times. I loved how not only did it involve reading coordinates but recognizing numbers and letters, colors, and focusing on following directions. Big Brother also had to think and concentrate on how to give directions. (This proved to be a little trickier for Big Brother than following directions.) He had so much fun he's asked teach his daddy how to play. 

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