Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Rewriting a "Time to Sleep" for Spring

The author for this month's Virtual Book Club for Kids is Denise Fleming, and while we love her more spring and summer themed books we also really enjoy Time to Sleep which takes place in the fall.

When we reread the book this week we knew that the animals were no longer going to sleep for winter, but waking up from their long winter nap for spring!

We decided to rewrite our own version to tell what happens when they wake up. We've enjoyed writing stories a couple of times this year, including our Listening Walk Book and Our Sibling Book.

I asked Big Brother a couple of key questions before we started:
• What would the animals be doing at this time of year?
• What are some signs of spring?
• Who woke up first? What did they see?

He told me the story and I wrote it down. A couple of times he would get a little stumped and I would ask him a couple of more questions if he needed me to.
• Who did they wake up?
• What did they say?
• What did they see?

We wrote until he felt like he was done.

Afterwards I folded a large piece of white paper into fourths, and then turned it into an accordion fold. On the front flap, the inside flaps, and the back flap I wrote out his story.

Afterwards he illustrated each page of his book. He used the book as a reference for drawing the pictures.

When we were finished he had a whole spread of pictures.

Because of the accordion fold the pages could turn like a book, so it was an easy and quick way to create a book with minimal supplies. 

He was pretty proud of his book and shared it with Daddy when he got home. 

The Story:
It's Springtime!
Wake Up Everybody!

One morning Bear woke up and she noticed the snow was gone. She thought, "It's spring, I must tell my friends."

First Bear told Snail, "It's spring! Wake up!" Snail smelled spring in the air.

The Snail told Skunk, "Wake up Skunk! It's springtime!" He noticed trees were growing. 

Then Skunk told Mole, "Mole, it's time to wake up. It's springtime!" Mole saw tulips growing.

Mole found ladybug and told her "It's spring! Wake up!" Ladybug saw kids playing outside and knew it was spring.

Ladybug went to find Bear and their other friends. They went to play all together. 


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