Saturday, May 18, 2013

Fabric Fun Box

A sweet little friend of ours turned 1 this week. Last week during a play date I noticed how much she liked taking things in and out of containers. It reminded me of a link I had seen a while back on how to make a baby toy out of a wipe container and fabric scraps. I decided to make one for her birthday. I knew I had a great collection of fabric scraps from a project I'd done as a preschool teacher over 8 years ago. (I rarely throw anything out . . . just ask my husband.)

Materials included fabric scraps, white contact paper, permanent markers, an empty wipe box, regular scissors, and pinking shears. A Huggies Box works well because the opening is soft and easy for little hands to slip into. 

I wanted to personalize it for her so I decided to cover the box with white contact paper. I cut two strips each four inches wide. 

I peeled off the paper and wrapped one strip around the front on the box and the sides. I chose to trim the paper while it was on the box, but it could be traced beforehand. I then cut the other strip in half and covered the back of the box.  

I added some garden designs, and later added her name, with permanent marker. 

Next I cut the scraps with the pinking shears. I cut each piece to be slightly larger than a DVD case. I used the pinking shears with the hope it would decrease fraying. 
There were about 15 rectangles all together. The fabric rectangles folded into the box neatly. 

The box was ready for playing. Now there can be lots of pulling out, putting back in, and lid opening. I can't wait to hear how she enjoys it!

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